features a memorial for Sega artist Takashi Iwade (Panzer Dragoon, Jet Set Radio, Yakuza)


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Dec 11, 2018
Sega artist, Takashi Iwade, died of cancer last year, at the age of 50.

Google translated:
  • He was the only developer still at Sega who was involved in all four of the Panzer Dragoon games
  • He had a sense of serious and modest atmosphere about him. He cared about western high fantasy and D&D rather than Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest
  • The orginal base of the Panzer Dragoon title logo was his. He worked on the 3d enemies and camera at the time.
  • His duties for PDZ expanded into enemy battleships and bosses.
  • Can't decipher his contributions to Saga, but I guess it's something about him being a technical artist, signing patents and being more objective than others?
  • For Jet Set Radio, he and the art director of JSR, Ryuta Ueda, were responsible for what they were calling the "Manga Dimension". Ueda was more the pure artist, and Iwade more on the technical side. Iwade proposed the technical capability of having black outlines to characters.
  • Ueda talks about how JSR cel shading was highly influential.
  • Yakuza 1/2 actually implements some of the shading techniques of JSR to make it look high-quality, even tough it looks like a realistic style.
  • Iwade was interrestied in FX art since Zwei, and that became his primary role for the Yakuza series


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