Capcom survey asks if you would buy another Resident Evil remake


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Dec 11, 2018

After the successful release of Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom threw Resident Evil 3 Remake our way. If you think Capcom is done with Remakes, you’re wrong. In a recent survey, Capcom asked its fans if they would like to play another Resident Evil Remake.

On its official Asian website publisher and developer Capcom asked its fans if they would like to buy another Remake if the studio ever makes one? The question was thrown as part of a survey for Resident Evil fans.

It’s an interesting question and one wonders what the studio has in mind. The logical conclusion would be that Capcom wants to create a remake for Resident Evil 4 now. However, it’s less of survival horror and more along the lines of action-adventure. While it was popular, not sure how a Resident Evil 4 Remake would perform in today’s market.

Moreover, there are a ton of complaints fans have regarding Resident Evil 3 Remake. The game was extremely short and the developer cut a ton of content from it. RE3 Remake is clearly a rushed product that simply wanted to capitalize on the success of RE2 Remake. For now, it is best that Capcom focuses on creating some fresh for RE. There are rumors of Resident Evil 8 and it sure is about time we hear something about the next big RE adventure. Would you buy another RE Remake or do you think it is time to move on?

Oh God, absolutely not. They need to like, actually move on ahead and totally focus on the here and now. What is the point in going back to the well and poisoning greatness? But after all, it's still something that Capcom clearly is profiting from.

I cannot believe it's 2020...and I'm having a debate with a user on Biohaze, about what is canon in the series. Basically, anything that's a remake that isn't the 2002 remake, is NOT canon.

The remakes of RE2 and RE3 cannot be canon, because the originals (that Capcom probably doesn't give a shit about, due to their age) actually exist.

Barry saved Jill. Marvin was a zombie. Kendo was munched on by zombies. Brad was a zombie outside the station. Etc. In the remake, Kendo isn't seen dead at all. Brad didn't talk as a zombie. There's some stuff they got right, but a lot of it they got wrong, and how the heck can anybody think that's acceptable?

How can Capcom alter any of that now, just to please themselves? :rolleyes:

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