Capcom has two unannounced games for Jump Festa!


Paradox of Nothingness
Come on! It's Megaman X 9 time! Please some kind of good megaman game.

This. I love the idea of unannounced games for Jump Fiesta. But I have to agree with Demon_skeith - a new Megaman game would be great.

xenonVirus. Let's hope that a good Megaman game comes out. Would make a great Christmas present!
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Personally, I hope it's not Project Resistance. :sick:

I've had enough of the RE series being made to be totally rank. Capcom can catch these hands.

But imagine if it's the Dino Crisis remake a lot of fans are hoping for. Then that will be another series they will have "killed" twice, after Dino Crisis 3 was a bomb back in the day.

All they're doing now is recycling their old games for generic modern remakes, and doing the odd sequel. But the thing is, the sequels are arguably also recycled. All they do is copy other games and movies. Funnily enough though, I point this out to other fans on actual RE forums, and no one besides me seems to notice any of this occurs. :ROFLMAO:
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