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Capcom game sales are 80% digital, publisher says


Capcom game sales are 80% digital, the publisher has confirmed.

As part of a recent question and answer survey inside an annual shareholders’ meeting, the publisher proclaimed its “current digital download sales ratio is approximately 80%”.

Capcom has advised that “while it ultimately depends on how our customers behave going forward, for the time being we are promoting our digital strategy with an objective of 90%, since there are some customers who prefer to own discs.”

GamesIndustry reports that digital sales accounted for 53.3% of Capcom’s sales in 2019, meaning the number is phenomenal in comparison.

Digital game sales are on the rise across the globe, despite a 6% decrease in 2019. Sony has already announced a digital-only PS5, while Microsoft is rumoured to do so next month.
Most likely given the times since people can't go freely to stores. Though I don't care what they do in the future as long as I can still get a physical edition.
I got the remake of Resident Evil 3 this year on the online store, only because we were just weeks into the pandemic, and so I wasn't sure what was going on with the mail. The bitch took 2 days to download with 4G speed. The other RE game I have that's digital, is one called Umbrella Corps, which is um, renowned for being... God awful. The game has a retail version that only came out in Japan. Avoid that trash!


All of the game studios who have digital downloads are reporting profit the reason being around the world data going cheaper. if the data gets expensive again,t hen the digital sales will drop. and that is one reason many games during the lockdown and onwards performed pretty well.
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