Question Can you safely re-use older SD Cards?


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May 23, 2022
Hey guys! I just got a Steam Deck as a gift, but it's the most basic version with 64 GB of storage, and I can't fit more than just a few games on it. I'm a bit low on money and wanted to recycle some older SD cards for it, but I'm a bit confused with all the standards and whatnots. 😅

👀 I did a bit of research and read that, mentioned that older cards could brick your system in their article on hot swapping SD Cards, so I’m definitely a bit reluctant on re-using older cards that already got chewed through various phones. Does anyone have experience with cards bricking your device? (That's the last thing I'd want to happen) 😱 mentioned in their guide on best Steam Deck Micro SD cards that I shouldn’t use UHS-II or SDHC cards, did anyone test it out maybe?

Additionally, I opened up my brother’s DSLR and found this card in it, I’m gonna ask him if I can use it, but what I do know is that he used the camera heavily throughout the past three years (he’s a wedding photographer), so I would again be working with a heavily used SD card… 💪😩

(picture of the SD card I got) 😄

Do you think it would be fine to use this card in my steam deck, if at all?
Thank you! 😀

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