Can you believe Runescape is still going?


I'm always amazed that Runescape is still going strong.

What actually amazes me more is the fact that old school does better than RS3 when I actually (by a huge margian) prfer RS3.

I actually found out about RS3 a VERY long time ago (over 10 years ago) when I tried it, I hated it, not a fan of games where the graphics aren't decent so I never played it.

A few years back I got into RS3 and loved it, was much better and the graphics were a lot easier on the eyes.

I'd love for them to release a game with modern graphics or even cartoon style (like WoW) have it run on a better engine so it's not as slow and unresponsive but use all the RuneScape mechanics like levelling each and every individual skill and having skilling being so indepth.

Alass we seem to be moving further and further away from this type of gaming now, it's not what people want to seem to play anymore.

I'm amazed RuneScape is still able to turn a profit and employ staff, like their memberbase diminishes year on year.


I think every game has peak and then it stops growing. For example world of warcraft too had it's days and it was good while it ran. So does runescape. And any other game for that matter. It will have it's end days.