Can someone give me a review about Far CRY 5? | JoyFreak

Can someone give me a review about Far CRY 5?


I wanted to know if i can get a detail review about far cry 5. Heard it's an interesting game. Did anyone play Far Cry 5?
I have a website about gaming reviews, and i want to gather knowledge about Far Cry 5 from various PC gamers.
Thanks in advance.
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I'd recommend Just skimming through the Negative Steam Reviews if you are in need of some Detailed reviews.
Steam Community ::  YumaK  :: Review for Far Cry 5

Positive reviews tend to be filled with people defending everything about the product, so they can't be trusted looking at the product critically in most cases. So If you are seeking reviews that look at a product critically from a consumer standpoint then you should read negative reviews abit more then positives and judge for yourself whether the product is still worth buying or not. Reviews are at the end of the day just a person's experience playing a product, not the end all be all judgement of the products value. I.E. everyone trashes on COD and Fortnite but they rake in alot of users and profits.
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Haven't played it on pc but I did really enjoy it on ps4 I'd say I liked it a lot more than 4 but not as much as 3 it's more of the same and the map is pretty cool I'm looking forward to far cry 6
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