Call of Duty Mobile: What Are Emotes & How to Get Them


Emotes are one of the most unique methods to modify and personalise your video game avatars. They've progressed a long way over the years and can now be seen in games like Call of Duty. Here's how to get emotes in Call of Duty: Mobile and how to utilise them.

Many new and returning players will come over to check out the game again when the new season begins. This is the ideal opportunity to discuss emotes, one of gaming's most popular elements.

On the battlefield, emotes may be utilised to express oneself. Emotes can convert even the most basic of kills into sophisticated banter, whether it's to cheer up your friends or tease your enemies.

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What Are Emotes in Call of Duty Mobile?​

Emotes are one-of-a-kind stances and animations performed by your avatar. They are mostly used to communicate and are activated by the player.

They range from salutes to dances with music that may be employed in a variety of settings. They are an enjoyable and intriguing method to customise your character and immerse yourself in the experience, even if they have no practical value (they don't help you win the game).

How Do I Get Emotes in Call of Duty Mobile​

To begin, you will have a large number of preset emotes to choose from. Then you'll need to open some emote crates if you want to add emotes to your collection. These crates can only be purchased with premium cash and may be found in the shop.

The following are the default emotes that are available for free:
  • Salute
  • Recognize Me
  • Mad Respect
  • Cut-throat
  • Fist Pump
  • Yeah Buddy
  • Muscle Show
  • Two Thumbs Up
  • Sweep This
  • Clucked Up
  • Poplock
  • Selfie
  • Gunslinger
Additionally, whenever a gaming event occurs, it generally comes with some new emotes that can be obtained for free, so keep an eye out for them.

Emotes, like skins, exist in a variety of rarities.

Finally, you may buy a battle pass to unlock new emotes for the season you're currently playing.

How to Use Emotes in Call of Duty Mobile​

It's easy to use emotes in Call of Duty: Mobile. To begin, go to the load-out section of the main menu and begin customising your load-out. Then, under the emote tab (thumbs up), select the emotes you wish to use and click "equip."

After that, you should begin a match. You may utilise the emotes by pressing the thumbs-up button near the minimap while in the middle of a game in any mode.

When you click it, an emote wheel will appear. Choose an emote from the wheel, and your character will act accordingly.

Emotes can turn even the most tedious battles into amusing dialogue between teammates or enemies, so have fun!

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