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Call of Cthulhu - PC Gameplay


Call of Cthulhu is basically that type of the game where you follow the visions of the cult. And then you get to explore where things go from there. Here a lot of psychological game is at play. So you may or may not like this type of the game. I'd recommend you though to check out the game walkthrough and find out if you like it. I found it worth playing but a bit disturbed. Check the walkthrough.



I played this game, and I don't know. It seemed thrilling at the beginning but as the game progresses it gets kinda boring. The first one was better imho.


It is the only one game, not sure what you mean by first one was better. Unless ofcourse if there is anything specific you are referring to by first or second you mean? COC seems to be pretty dark so being a cult story game, it can be boring.

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