Business Insider: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a dumb, boring game for children


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Dec 12, 2018
i'm ready to say it: animal crossing sucks. bad, lifeless game which is only fun if you put TONS of time into it or you're playing with friends, which is clunky and inconvenient, like most other aspects of the game. who will pay me to write this post i'll do it for cheap

i'm dead serious if you have $200-300 left in your freelance budget and you want a post that will probably get at least 10k hateviews if we put the right SEO hed on it i will do this for you in less than 800 words. bonus points if your billing department pays in <30 days ha ha ha

my first opinion essay for business insider takes you inside the business of nintendo selling you all on a big stupid game for babies. play stardew valley you gigantic infants

tom nook doesn't even wear boots i'm surprised so many of you are trying to lick them

By this logic even the minecraft is boring and dumb. But there are people who did a lot out of the minecraft. And the things that were built or even tangent mods made was kind of funny and interesting too. I guess as far as taste is concerned each to their own.

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