Discussion Burgos Games averaging about 10% funding per day so far on new Kickstarter


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Jul 2, 2020
Burgos Games is an independent studio that launched a Kickstarter campaign for their up coming game, Neko Ghost Jump.

The Kickstarter launched on June 30th and is already 30% funded. This is both a 2D & 3D platformer where you must switch between perspectives on the fly to successfully traverse the world and reach the end goal of saving your faience (and other towns folks) that were kidnapped by the evil alien Doggo space pirates. In addition to needing to switch perspectives, you will also need to switch between your regular form and your ghost form to deal with enemies and obstacles you will encounter along they way.

The game currently has demos available on Steam, Itch io, and Game Jolt. (relevant links can be found on the kick starter page proved).

I personally gave it a go, and the way I'd describe it is sickeningly cute, but tough as nails. At least, this old man found it to be more than a bit challenging. But this old man also stopped gaming around 2007ish and only returned this year. I also largely skipped the N64, where I feel the game is taking some obvious inspiration from, and 3D platforming in general. So, if you do try it out, let me know if you too thought it was hard, of if maybe I just need to gitgud.


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