Broncos' Miller: If I can get virus, 'anyone can'


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Dec 12, 2018
Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who is now quarantined in his Denver-area home after testing positive for the coronavirus, said Friday that he's "proof anybody can get it."

Miller, an eight-time Pro Bowl selection, told ESPN's NFL Live on Friday that he had tried to take every precaution over the past month, but he still contracted the virus.
"What keeps me at peace is knowing I did everything I was supposed to do," said Miller, who announced Thursday he had tested positive and is now resting at home. "I was here at home. I've been here at home for about a month now, and I've probably left the house a total of four times. And when I left, I didn't get out of the car or anything like that.

"I didn't have any contact. I was just riding with my brother up the street to get some food. I literally took it serious, I wasn't out and about. It hit me right here in my house."
Miller, who has asthma, said Friday he elected to get tested after he had started to have a cough about six days ago and his inhaler "wasn't working like it normally should."

"It's very, very serious," Miller added. "It's my job to keep my body in tiptop shape, and I feel my body is in tiptop shape. If I can get this, anybody can get this."
I think people in US took the virus extrmely casual way. And that will surely cost them a lot. And for this they have to end up paying in different ways. I won't be surprised if things go wrong. Considering they imported a lot of chinese stuff, the infection was meant to happen.

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