Bloomberg: Everyone’s a Gamer Now, But They’re Not Spending Much Money on It


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Dec 11, 2018
What many gamers aren’t doing is opening their wallets. They’ve gravitated toward free-to-play games and often avoid in-app buying — say, the purchase of a new weapon or skin for their character. They also don’t engage as much with ads, a key way that companies generate revenue. And with the economy in disarray, that might not change soon.

“You may not see as large an increase in spending as the rise in play times may suggest,” said Lewis Ward, research director of gaming at IDC.

Ultimately, the biggest threat to gaming is a long economic slump. Essential goods and services — food, shelter, utilities — are going to take precedence over virtual loot.

Breaking news -- priorities take precedence over non-priorities. The things they think of to write articles about these days is quite staggering. Of course people are being careful with their money right now, it's the logical thing to do.

I believe it can be trends that pursued a gamer to choose free to play titles, and it also may just be preference and them deciding lets grind and wear that battle royal hat and play out these daily, bi-weekly and monthly goals. Everyone has different goals when it comes to gaming, how can i get gamers to be more enganged?? DLC content, Seasonal updates and events?? Resident Evil 3 sold 2 million units in roughly under 2 weeks, ACNH 2.6 in it's first week.

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