BlizzCon 2020 Plans Are Still Being Made, But Event Could Still Be Cancelled


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Dec 11, 2018
To say that the outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life would be an understatement. Between delays, shortages, isolation orders, cancellations and just the simple peril of big gatherings has made the last few months something of a blur. The gaming industry has been hit, too, with almost every major conference being canceled this year from E3 to GDC. Where does that leave BlizzCon? Well, it seems plans are still ongoing, but it could get the ax as well.

Usually, Blizzard announces the dates for their annual event around this time, but this go around, they instead issued an open note about the convention. In a nutshell, they still plan to hold the event as of now, but cite safety of both employees and fans as a possibility that the event could be canceled like many others this year. You can read the full announcement through here.

The hope for many is that the outbreak will be over within the next month or so, but it’s still largely up in the air. There’s also fear that a second wave of the virus could come when summer leaves and warmer weather moves out, which means we could see this whole mess unfold again. As Blizzard says, we’re just going to have to wait and see what it all looks like. We’ll keep you updated.

I think its fair to say all events will be canceled for most of the year, all it takes is one infected person to make this virus another hot mess for the entire world.

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