Blizzard offering instant refund for Warcraft 3: Reforged


Blizzard has been offering instant refunds to players who are unsatisfied with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Warcraft 3 subreddit users have reported that Blizzard has been issuing instant refunds without no questions asked. krOnicLTD on Reddit confirms he received an instant refund after only 5 hours of game play.

He wrote:
“I requested a refund for my pre-purchase order from December 2018 and I got it within a minute. It was instant. I took the reason ‘tech-issue’ so if your automatic refunding process doesn’t work, which it should, try this. Its not even a lie as the game has huge technical issues, for me it froze every few seconds for a second.”
It's been confirmed by other reddit users that they've also received an instant refund through the seemingly automated process.

You can apply for a Warcraft 3 Reforged refund too by heading here.
I'm glad they are at least admitting they screwed up and willing to give the money back, I wonder how much their bottom line is going to hurt though?
After watching the gameplay, not super impressed. In fact I kind of feel the refund offer is deserving too. It's not really that much worthy of money.
Good that Blizzard are finally taking steps to remedy players who are unsatisfied. The gameplay seems kinda "meh" to me. I'll wait a little bit.
It's not even worth collection though. In past, it used to good to wait for their games but these days Warcraft disappoints me a lot.

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