Bioshock vs Half life 2 - Which do you prefer?


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Feb 24, 2019
Both are great games. But they're great for different reasons.

Bioshock tells a fantastic story in a clever way and it's very, very immersive. It looks great and, while it certainly isn't revolutionary in gameplay, it's not lacking there either. It's short, yes, but that shouldn't be a factor in judging how "good" a game is.

Half Life 2 was revolutionary in gameplay and it added more cohesiveness than previous FPS's. The problem is that it was revolutionary. Most of the ways it was groundbreaking and have been subsumed into future games. It doesn't make any less of a great game, but it does make the experience less for someone playing it today for the first time because it won't feel quite so revolutionary anymore.

What are your thoughts?
Bioshock is kinda a little bit different than HL2, for that reason I prefer HL2. More action and less puzzles.
I haven't played infinite yet but I did play the first two Bioshock games and enjoyed both greatly, I also enjoyed the Half-life series(including Blue Shift, Opposing Forces, and Episodes 1/2) and equal amount so it's hard to choose one series as being better than the other as they both do their thing very well.
When you are comparing the story, I'd say that bioshock is lot better in terms of the story. And the half life on the other hand seems to be pretty low key. And in fact it may not stand the overall bioshock franchise on the story stand point. In terms of the multiplayer stuff, I'd say that half life is definitely worth playing as well.

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