Bethesda supports Australian bushfire relief by selling Fallout t-shirt


Bethesda is selling a Fallout-themed First Responders t-shirt to fundraise for Australian bushfire relief.

The t-shirt won't be able until March and will be crafted and shipped from United States of America. For those elsewhere in the world, the t-shirt will cost $25 USD alongside an additional $25 USD for shipping costing a total of $50.

“DPI is donating 100% of the profits from each purchase of this Fallout shirt to The Australian Salvation Army.” confirms Bethesda.

To grab a t-shirt, head here.
I think by selling T shirt, it is pretty good way to keep the business alive in the process and also generate donation. This way money flows the right way.
Good idea, though you would think everyone would have a fallout t-shirt but I know people will buy for a good cause.
Yep. In fact giving money to greeta thunberg is worst idea. And the real donation should make the chain of people pay some salary and also help the cause in process.

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