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Best VR Headsets for 2020 for Gaming


Jan 29, 2020
Since there release just a few years ago, VR headsets have transformed a lot in terms of features, convenience, and compatibility. Most modern VR headsets are re-shaping the gaming, video and multimedia experience for the users. VR Headset totally transforms the gaming as you see it and let you dive deeper into the world of Virtual Reality with immersive 3d imaging that make you more connected and a part of the game/video you are using your VR headset for.
Most brands are considering the technology seriously and this revolutionary innovation in the gaming industry is getting its fair share of upgrades. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best VR Headsets we have tested that you can use to enhance your multimedia experience in 2020.
Oculus Quest:
While most of the VR headsets require connectivity with another platform to let you enjoy multimedia in Virtual Reality. Oculus Quest is the top stand-alone VR headset that does not require to be connected to any other platforms. It comes with its built-in storage and Snapdragon mobile processor to store and run the game on its own.
This might not be the thing for you if you like to play big titles on VR. Yet, if you are looking for a simple and easy to go headset to enjoy the VR gaming experience, Oculus Quest is your first choice. The controllers for Oculus Quest are ergonomic and built to maintain comfort and enhance your VR gaming experience. Some other noteworthy features that came to our notice while testing were awesomely high-resolution and built-in speakers that work great. All these features combine together, resulting in the best stand-alone VR gaming experience.
Pros: Stand-alone, built-in speakers, High Resolution, built-in storage
Cons: Cannot play big titles
Sony PlayStation VR:
Of Course, there are some people among us who are PS fans and love to play those exclusive titles PS offers. Sony has released its own VR headsets for the fans and it meets the expectations that one can have from Sony and PlayStation. The headset was released a couple of years ago, yet it still remains the best headset available for gaming platforms.
The overall experience is immersive and good. All you need to do is connect your Sony VR to a PlayStation and start enjoying your favourite PlayStation titles in VR. It is compatible with most PlayStation controllers and works flawlessly without any lags.
Pros: Connects with PlayStation, Ease of playing exclusive titles.
Cons: A little behind on the resolution as other better options have been released ever since.

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