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BBC: The 50 sport video games that made us


50 sport video games that shaped our lives
From Pong to Pro Evo, Fifa to Fight Night, Mario Kart to Madden. Every game means something to someone.
The line between the real and virtual world is now almost indistinguishable, but back when (some) BBC Sport reporters were getting their first pixilated thrills it came on gaming systems that might today be considered antiques.
Now, with the majority of sport on hold because of the global coronavirus pandemic, many people are using those virtual platforms to get their fix.
So - in the name of research, of course - we fired up some vintage consoles and dusted off our old controllers to bring you the 50 sport video games that have shaped our lives, including some newer releases that pick up the torch.
This is not a definitive list of the greatest games with the crispest graphics or slickest simulations, but rather those, we feel, that broke new ground or set the benchmark for others that followed.
The titles, spread across numerous eras and a range of sports, are listed in alphabetical order and we have dug out a clip to give you a taste of what each is like.
We have also enlisted the help of some of the masterminds behind the magic, the recognisable voices and ground-breaking developers to tell you about the titles and reveal their all-time favourite games.
We apologise in advance for making you load up that save you swore you'd never touch again...

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