Battlefield V stutter issues on Windows 10


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Aug 7, 2019
Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and new to the wonderful world of PC Building.

Here's my build:
2600x @ 4.2ghz with stock cooler
2x8 gb @ 3600mhz Trident Z
MSI gaming plus x470
RX 5700 XT at stock specs
rm650x PSU
500gb 970 evo plus SSD
1Tb barracuda HDD

installed windows 10 from USB drive
updated windows 10
got latest AMD driver installed.

Installed BFV with Origin
been playing flawlessly for a week settings maxed out on 1080p - 120hz TV (only has hdmi 1.0 so is limited to 60hz)
tried it with V-sync On, worked flawlessly for a week.
GPU runs at around 800Mhz to keep the 60fps with V-sync.Temp around 50 degree.
turn V-sync off and GPU runs at 1950mhz, gives around 145fps and temp around 80degree or so.

Everything seemed fine until yesterday where i had MAJOR stutter issues in Multiplayer only.

Also, barely hit 30fps in Deus Ex : Mankind divided, settings maxed out at 1080p. what the hell ???

Run both game with DX12, it seems that Ryzen are good with it.

MSI afterburner is the monitoring software.

Any ideas ?

i just remember that windows 10 installed an update at shutdown the night before i played those game again. I'm sure it is related ! Also, when i start a game, a little pop up asks me if i want to record the gameplay. It wasn't there before the update...
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