Bands with replacement singers. Did they suck or succeed?

I really like the early blues type songs by the Doobie Brothers, but didn't really think much of the cheesy, commercial sounding Michael McDonald era.

With Bronski Beat, I preferred the Scottish singer, Jimmy Somerville, to whoever that other guy was they had afterwards.

Jimi Jamison never had a number one while he was with Survivor, but I think he was a way better vocalist than the dude who performed the Rocky III theme. That's their biggest hit, though.

Marillion had a different singer after Fish left, but I honestly don't recall who he was.

Glenn Shorrock was and always will be the original (and best singer) in Little River Band, in my opinion. Although their seemingly hundreds of other vocalists weren't bad at all. They also had John Farnham for a while, as their lead singer.

John Foxx in Ultravox! I don't immediately recall, but I did like his first solo effort, "Underpass".

The female singer who joined the Dutch group BZN after Anny Schilder's departure did a great job. I think Schilder left because she was pregnant, and had enough of the heavy touring anyway.

The 'sword and sorcery' soundtrack that made up the Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow era with Ronnie James Dio, Tony Carey, Cozy Powell and Jimmy Bain spicing things up really outshone the more successful era with Graham Bonnet in my opinion, but Graham had a sensational heavy metal voice, and is still recording with Alcatrazz.

Morrissey's first solo album kind of feels like it could have been an album by the Smiths, as he had all of the members doing the music, except for Johnny Marr.

I cannot remember who was in Echo and the Bunnymen after Ian McCulloch left.

The Tears for Fears albums after Curt Smith left were quite different, but still engaging. The same with OMD, who still remained popular for a few years.

Neil Finn was way better in Split Enz than the original frontman, Philip Judd, although I did like him performing with the Swingers. Neil joined Crowded House with his brother Tim, after relocating to Australia from New Zealand, and they enjoyed worldwide fame. Now he's with Fleetwood Mac, I think.

I know the lead singer of Roachford joined the latest line up of Mike + the Mechanics, but I like Paul Carrack of Ace and Squeeze fame, and the late Paul Young way, way more. I did like his 80's hit, "Cuddly Toy".

What about you? :unsure:

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