Bad habits of the gaming industry?


There are a lot of fishy and bad habits that are in the gaming industry today. Developers being greedy and releasing unfinished video games just to collect the money a few days earlier and then they push a day 1 patch. Also, they might charge you a premium for almost everything that you can buy in-game that is essential to progress in. Or they just don't listen to the players base they have - an example is Rockstar. They created a feedback page just this year about GTA V Online to see what the players can suggest and they just never listen to them. Only fixing problems that impacts the sales of their Shark Cards which are hugely overpriced and never even look at actual gameplay problems and bugs. Do you know any other bad habits that developers stick to?


I think today the gaming industry is more or SJW these days. So it's necessary to avoid having politics into the gaming. So if that is managed properly then the gaming industry will be back to normal and things would be lot better that way.


Yes I am very familiar with these pathetic schemes to make money. One developer company in particular that has pratically shitted on their game with this BS is Treyarch and Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Which is now becoming well known as a complete unworthy Cash Grab by these corporate pigs who don't care about quality in their game but just want to trick a 16 year old into paying $80/month for maybe 1 or 2 new weapons. They even sold a reticle in their shop that was only a meer dot and nothing more. How could you sell a dot reticle? It's crazy

To be honest I've already spent like $150 on the tiers but this past go round I didn't spend a penny because I realize how cheap low lives they are. Ridiculous. These fools should be sued for ignorance. Anyways in the history of games there's been a few to cross this line of ignorance but none so much as Treyarch. I've never seen a call of duty game in my whole life go as far as they do when it comes to cheap cash grabs. With the release of their new loot box system (which you rarely get anything good) it's just a complete rip off. I've never seen anything good come out of their loot boxes. Maybe 1 good item in 1,000 tries or something. It's gotten so bad that some famous YouTubers have quit playing the game saying they've had enough.


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When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a beta tester and get paid to try out games and find bugs. Forward to the present and now somehow you are the one who has to pay them for the "privilege" of playing an incomplete game. "Early access" is VIP, yo!

Speaking of early, what is up with giving developers a pass for releasing their game buggy as heck? This whole idea of meeting the deadline no matter what and just release "hot-fixes patches" is not helping the developers nor the consumer. You want the game to be stable and the base to be complete before is packed and put in retail shops. It is not good people are getting used to not getting the full game anymore. Nor it is good to crunch the developers to rush the game just to meet the deadline, instead of delaying it to making sure it works correctly.

A lot of what we get as microtransactions today used to be unlockables back in the day. Not all microtransactions are bad, but I miss being able to unlock maps and costumes rather than buying them.

Prepaid to me used to be worth because of the lot you'd get with them, but now the merchandise is becoming less or it is packed on its own tier without the game. To get the merchandise and the Dx version of RDR2, for example, it is paying twice what a decade ago would have come together. And if you add the unfinished-game syndrome of many companies to this, it is just not worth the risk. I rarely preorder nowadays unless it is something I know I want and availability for that particular item can be an issue.