ASUS Unveils Its ProArt Display PA32UCX-P & PA27UCX 4K Monitors


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Dec 12, 2018

ASUS has announced the ProArt Display PA32UCX-P and PA27UCX monitors which come with a list of features such as 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, and a Mini LED backlight. These monitors are designed for professional content creators with fantastic color accuracy and feature support for multiple HDR formats. The PA27UCX is a 27-inch monitor while the PA32UCX-P is a 32-inch monitor.

ASUS has announced two monitors that have been designed for professional content creators these monitors are called the ProArt Display PA32UCX-P and PA27UCX
The ProArt Display PA27UCX is a 27-inch monitor that features a total of 576 zones of local dimming control and has a peak brightness of 1,000 cd/m². This brightness allows this monitor to offer support for a more stunning HDR performance. This monitor features support for ASUS Smart HDR Technology that has three different presets; this includes Dobly Vision, HDR-10, and HLG. This monitor has support for multiple HDR-10 curves, and this includes PQ Hard Clip, PQ Optimized, PQ Basic.


  • PQ Hard Clip
    • This preset preserves the PQ curve until trying to display the maximum luminance with accuracy. Any luminance that is higher than the display maximum will instead be display as the luminance maximum.
  • PQ Optimized
    • This preset displays the accurate gradations corresponding to the maximum brightness of the monitor; this delivers the optimizes HDR performance of this display.
  • PQ Basic
    • This preset offers general HDR performance.
This display is stated as the world's first 27-inch 4K monitor that makes use of a Mini-LED backlight. This monitor is also reported to be the world's first 27-inch 4K monitor that has support for Dolby Vision. The Mini-LED backlight decreases the overall size of the chips used to light the monitor.

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ProArt Display PA32UCX-P has some similar features to the PA27UCX except that it is a 32-inch monitor which has a higher peak brightness. This monitor's peak brightness is 1,200 nits and has a total of 1,152 zones of local dimming control.

For color, both of these monitors are pre-calibrated to guarantee with an industry-leading Delta-E. These monitors also include technology to ensure a 95% uniformity compensation to guard against both brightness and color fluctuations across the different parts of the screen.


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