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Nov 27, 2021
Master the Skill Tree and Discover Your Playstyle

Master the Skill Tree and Discover Your Playstyle

If you played previous games in the franchise, you are already familiar with the skill tree. But this time, things become a little bit different. Since AC Origins came out, the game focuses more on combat, where abilities have a big impact on your gameplay.

Upgrading the right abilities will help you unlock your full potential in-game. You can choose and combine various abilities to make gameplay more interesting.


Skill Tree

You can upgrade up to 60 abilities through the game. To do that, you will need ability points. You will get ability points every time you level up. Since there are 40 levels, the rest of the ability points you can get by completing various missions.

To gain experience faster, you should explore every part of the map to find more secret locations and side quests. There is tons of stuff you can run into while roaming the map.

One more tip; Finding the ancient tablet in the tombs will grant you 1 ability point. Just follow the main objective inside the tomb and you will acquire more skills.

Skills are separated through the branches of the skill tree. You will have to upgrade skills in order, which means you can upgrade the following ability only if the previous one is already upgraded.

Not all of the abilities are equal. The cost can range from 1 to 3 ability points for upgrade. Abilities that cost 3 ability points tend to be more powerful. You can upgrade them at the end of every branch.
Abilities are divided into 3 main classes:
  • Hunter - Hunter abilities are mostly about boosting your archery skills, but also include your hawk, Senu which you can use for scouting and discovering danger. Senu is new in the franchise and he provides you with literal eagle vision. Since your character doesn’t have the skill of eagle vision, he uses his eagle instead. Hunter abilities can also boost assassination, but archery and Senu are your priorities. If you like more traditional Assassin’s Creed gameplay, this class is for you.

  • Warrior - This class is less stealthy and focuses more on combat. Warrior abilities will boost your melee weapon and health regeneration, which will help you to stay alive in fights. There are a couple of shield-based abilities as well. Other abilities you can use for boosting your overpower attacks.

  • Seer - The seer category is a mixture of the other 2 categories including abilities for shop interaction and crafting. The fun part about this category is that you can unlock abilities from previous Assassin’s Creed games. Abilities for shop interaction will allow you to sell items at higher prices and will unlock rarer gear in shops.

Some of the abilities are used in multiple classes. You are not obligated to choose only one class since you can build all three. But that will require more time to finish one of the categories.

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