‘Assassin’s Creed’ could be used to help rebuild Notre Dame cathedral

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Mar 30, 2019
A few days ago we heard the tragic news notra dame cathedral had caught fire and would need a lot of repairs, out of kindness Ubisoft gave a large amount of money to help renovations but also handed unity out for free on pc, and to me they may not get any money (except from micro transactions) but it seems a bit of a cheap publicity stunt to get more people to play a under selling Assassin creed game
Perhaps, but either way you look at it, people still benefited from it.
If that’s the case then it’s a win-win for everyone. They done it out of the goodness of their hearts, good on them!
Like said above, it's a win-win for some. It's definitely a PR move but it helps out the church, people get a free game and Ubisoft gets some good publicity so I guess it's great for everyone :)
I don't think anything that activision blizzard and Ubisoft does is anything with the kindness. But they could be doing this for their own benefit. Nothing comes free except tax and death in life. They must be saving on taxes or evading taxes perhaps.
I think when big companies pay donation or try to show kindness they have some sort of agenda. And that it shows from their actions, then again who are we to judge.

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