Are you using the Epic Games store?


Well, they are competing with Steam but the store still lacks a of features. Is anyone here using the Epic Games store and if so what are your thoughts on it? Do you find it easy to use, have you ever needed to contact the support team for anything? Did you install it only because of the exclusives it gathered?

Personally, I have installed that store because they were giving away free games every 2 weeks and one of the free games happened to be Subnautica which I wanted to play.

Martin Berisford

Article Author
In terms of everything I've read about the store, the ethos behind gobbling up games as exclusives where it can and that - I can't see myself even wanting to use the store in the future. That said, I'm happy with my game collection where it is now so I don't even see myself looking to purchase any games in the near future unless it's something new coming out. I just can't get my head around agreeing with all the exclusivity agreements though, it just seems a bit petty and anti-gamers to me anyway.


I think EPIC store eventually will be closed. The reason being they don't have the competitive edge. And steam is growing faster. So its chance that epic games may not last. I don't purchase from the epic games either. And hope that they bring some comeptitive edge and not let steem become monopoly.


I installed it to play The Witness which was given away for free at the time. I don't really use it for anything else and haven't had any issues with it either. I plan to use it more and check out the free games they offer!