Are you someone who likes to play game simulators?


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Feb 1, 2019
There seems to have been a bit of a recent influx in simulators arriving on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Titles include Bus Simulator and even a truck driving game. Are you someone that likes to play simulators? And if so, are you happy with the available simulators on console?
Nah, they seem like a waste of time to me and even if they are fun, its not something I would last long in playing.
I think truck simulators and bus simulators are definitely good games and also some people who are learning to drive they can consider those games. I think the main purpose of such simulators are often train people.
I think some of them sound interesting but in general I am probably just happy with The Sims 3 and I rather playing those on PC because of the extra accessories and manteinance mods availables.

I want to try the Goat simulator and the untitled duck game, haha.

I also remember I saw in development a pigeon simulator thaty attention, haha.
As this topic was already brought back -- I'm not a big sim fan, I have tried a fair few of them, and while some can be ok, most are mundane to me. The truck simulator games, for example, were fun at first, but they don't hold up my attention after a while, so I give up on them.
Yes of course, I do love playing simulation video games. At the moment, my favorite simulation game is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I have also played Goat Simulator which was a very funny game.
I am not into game simulation like truck simulation and such, but I like playing simulation games like Forza Horizon and Asphalt Legends. I have been playing these two games on PC and Android phones for a long time and I really enjoy these car racing games.

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