Are you someone who likes to brag about themselves?

Joshua Farrell

Jun 7, 2019
Are you one of those people that likes to brag constantly, or boast about success at any given opportunity that you can?

I personally dislike boasting, but I know atleast when I probably should. I find people who boast about things a little odd, as I cant figure out why they like bragging about things that really doesn't matter. I used to know someone that used to brag about the most recent girl he got it on with. That was probably where my dislike for constant bragging started.

What about you?
If I do something really great, then yeah I will boast about it a bit. But usually I won't go out of my way for it.
I think some successes should be celebrated and boasted about because if it's business related then it could get you new customers or clientele. They want to go to a place that does well.

But bragging for the sake of attention makes me want to roll my eyes because they're not only seeking approval from people but maybe the pat on the back that their parents didn't give them?

Do you find that the boasters are more insecure?
I don't like boasting about things. However, if someone asks or if it comes up naturally then I will happily talk about it. It's good to talk about yourself and be confident about the things you've done. Just try not to go over the top
I don't like it, but I have done it before. Well, I was doing well on the internet, money-wise, so I would brag on social media. Anyhow, it's fun while you do it, but you can train yourself to not to do it and to "not enjoy doing it".
I am not one for boasting myself, I tend to open up and thank people for helping me when I have been successful in something but I never boast about it to the point of where it gets annoying. People like that who boast a lot come across as really stuck up to me and as though they are better than anyone else. I was always brought up knowing that everyone is the same and no one is better than anyone else. Yes, celebrate your milestones and such but don't go too far to the point of where you become annoying.
People tend to say I "downplay" myself and what I do far too much, and when they do I am quick to remind them that such a thing is relevant to their own perspectives. Its not that I am not proud of what I do, nor is it that I think I always fail at something. Its that I can see my actions as both good and bad, that there are room for improvement, improvement that others (in the past, present or future) have surpassed. As such I don't find it rewarding or needed to boast about me being able to doing something worse than I know myself capable of.

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