Are you currently addicted to playing any particular game?


At the moment, the only game which I'm too much addicted to playing is Top Eleven Football Manager.

It's an online football manager game that is played worldwide by millions of people.

It's available on both Google play store and Apple store.


I am not sure if I can consider my self addictive playing certain games but there is one online games that I use to play "the moblie legend". But in my case i still know how to manage my time like if i need to make some stuff, I can still d9 it bjt to be honest theres a little delay of time. lol


I go through waves of being extremely addicted to playing The Sims, and then forgetting about it completely.


These days I am playing minecraft pocket edition. I am not addicted to this game, however, this is the only game I am playing these days.


Currently addicted to Kingdom Hearts, I was lucky enough to be gifted an all in one kingdom hearts package. I've already played KHFM, KH2, and BBS back when they got released but it's so nice to be able to re-play them again.
I was already addicted to many games a few years ago (there were so many that I can't count on / remember all of them right now). In fact, the addiction still remains (strong than ever, haha!), but I no longer have as much time to play as I used to have in the old days.

Sometimes it's hard being an adult, haha!


For me it has to be Realm defense. Some of the heroes on that game are worth playing. And the best part is that it gets addictive on many ways. Most of the tower defense games are like that. They keep you engaged and it can be fun playing some of them. I tend to spend more time these days on FPS and tower defense games.


I'm currently playing Dota2 right now . I'm always eager to reach and improve my skills on playing the game.Every update of the game is exciting it keeps balancing the whole game. They don't have any exploits and bugs.


I can say that once I was addicted to Minecraft but that was so many years ago. Now, I don't find any "addiction" to a particular video game. I just play a few now - mainly CS:GO, Dead by Daylight from time to time and also currently playing The Walking Dead (all seasons). If there is some new video game which I have a lot of interest it I might play a lot of it in the first 2-3 days but then I will go back to what I use to play regularly.


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I would say my main addiction at the moment is PUBG. I know it's been awhile since it was released but I recently got into it after my friend mentioned it and I got a PC that could actually handle games properly and I love it. I find a lot more challenging and engaging than APEX actually, I can't actually stand to play that game it just doesn't gel with me.