Are you an online or store shopper?


I shop with Amazon quite a bit online for a bit of everything. In terms of clothes, I like to shop with ASOS. Other than that, I tend to stick with physical stores for bits and bobs and groceries.
I get the bulk of my stuff at amazon, then I'll get local food or simple items from my local stores or wal-mart.


For groceries I don't trust anything like PeaPod so I do my own because I like to pick out my own fruits and veggies and I go in early to the store when the manager marks down the meats so I save tons there.

I hate shopping! So if I can do the other shopping online then I will and most of the time it's through Amazon. I've also gotten into the habit of doing the buying online and picking things up at the store so I don't have to deal with people LOL

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