Are we getting a new Silent Hill game?

I think there is going to be rework for the graphics and the changes in some story and maybe launched again.
I think it might be idle chatter that may have gotten out, but I'm sure there will be a new game eventually.
I have always liked the graphics, even during the PS2 era. The mall in the third game was so incredibly attractive back in 2003.
The best thing Silent Hill-ish this decade, was both of The Evil Within games. They're very underrated, in my opinion. The story doesn't make much sense at first, but they are horror games that, to me at least... are just as great as anything from the golden era of horror gaming (as in, the games we got before RE 4 etc, ruined everything by making it about characters utilising major gunfire).

What some people refuse to accept, is that other companies should be giving a chance like Capcom. I'm also very impressed with Naughty Dog. Let's not forget, that The Last of Us is one of the very best games of the 2010's. It's like art in video game form. I'm sure the sequel will make my 2020 for me.

The creative director left Tango Gameworks, which is sad. But these things unfortunately, can occur. I'm not even sure what's going on with GhostWire: Tokyo anymore. From what I saw of it, I couldn't be too sure if it was a game up my alley. I'd have to see some actual footage of the characters doing things, and not just me judging everything from a fancy trailer.
I have yet to check out the ghostwire. What;s your experience on the ghostwire?
This is why I cannot be bothered with a lot of forums and survival horror fanatics in general. Take a look at this. ?

Some dude is being offered $500 to expose a "leak".

Also, I have to go to court next month, because I said I was gonna kill some trolls that pestered me. Now obviously, I was just saying that because they got me riled up. It's still pathetic though. ?

I have to leave a link to this image, as I cannot attach it or insert it into this post.

I think as far as kojima is concerned the best thing he can do is go with better developer studio and it can be pretty good if another one takes out.

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