Are some games too easy?


I guess it depends on the person playing. Sucks to be me because I don't remember if I actually finished Mario Bros on my Game Boy. :ROFLMAO:
I am on the same boat so maybe it is true that it really depends on the player. Aside from the player's capability, his/her interest is also a big factor. There are games that is so easy for me yet it seems hard for my friends while they are good on games which I am not good at.


I think there is this ongoing trend for games to be much easier to play to cater a wider audience. With games being readily accessible to everyone, game companies encourages (and maybe forces) game developers to make the games easier to play and understand for new gamers. This is far too evident on android games which is filled with simplistic-looped games.


Can I say a joke and claim that Dark Souls were easy? Honestly, the recent easiest game for me was RE2 Remake. And I played it on the hardcore version.
I think RE2 remake was made for scare factor rather than difficulty. They made environment engine look better. Also they wanted to let the users explore more. And so they ended up making things easy. If they were to make zombies like trains to bhusan. I think that would have caused more issues for gamers and it'd have been difficult.
I think it depends on the person's skills and on the genre of the game. It would also be easy if it was modded or has cheats on it. I usually play games with cheats on it since I don't actually care about the thrill on how I'm gonna solve the game, I just wanna see what would happen in the end of the game.


I do not believe any game is too easy because easy games to some might be difficult for others. Depends on the type of game it is and how invested in the game you are.