Discussion Are gaming forums dying?

I think I will always prefer forums. Not that many of them are active any more, besides GameFAQs and GameSpot. But as I covered before, they are both ass.

The users, mostly. I didn't think much of them.

They're very rude, sarcastic, and snide.

I should know. Taking about Resident Evil on there got me nowhere. If you say anything "bad" or honest or whatever, they blatantly flame people, as if you're not supposed to be doing that.
Nah not really. You can have multiple channels in a server and just talk about a topic anyways.
Yes you can but accessing previous information is an absolute nightmare.

This is where forums are stronger.

For instantaneous chat, sure discord is the place. Round pegs in square holes comes to mind.
Well, I couldn't join ResetEra because you need to sign up using a more professional email address. I can still view threads as a guest, which is about all I want anyway. Not sure how picky they are either, to be honest. Some of those forums are not keen on your openness to talk about gaming, especially if you appear to be bashing a company they may be "sucking up" to.

But I would say a company that steals people's work, to the point where they demand to be compensated for around 18 million, needs to be criticised.

Besides, I already told people ages ago that Capcom is notorious for copying things. So that news didn't come as a surprise, really. :D
I will say this. As an Indie Dev I've seen people have more success with promoting their game on forums than I have anywhere else.

Large servers are super anal about promoting your own stuff which is really annoying and gatekeepish
Actually not even just indie games, but also content creation in general. Plus the fact that you can't really have your own thread to talk about your own game is also a pain since everything gets dumped into one channel.
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I own a gaming forum and i don't think they are,
with Discord you run by their terms of service but with your forum you go by your terms so much better,
Not to mention you can't make business from discord just my opinion though
I think it's largely a generational thing.. We still like and enjoy forums because we were brought up with them in the late 90s / early 00s.

Kids these days just don't see the appeal with them - and chat is largely expected to be instant, hence forums don't suit. I always think that as a complete forum newbie, the overall interface would be pretty confusing too.. We just take it for granted.
A lot of the Resident Evil forums are mostly gone now. The same with Silent Hill ones. I even had somebody called Vixx booting me from Silent Hill Heaven because the fags on there are touchy about you shit posting about any games that are made by companies they kiss ass with. But yeah. It's annoying after spending years contributing to their dope forums. I honestly need to learn to stop wasting my energy on morons.

The only ones that remain are the garbage sites like GameFAQs, which I had a hard time trying to rejoin recently, likely because of some annoying filtering they use.

Anyway, about the only game I am really interested to know more about, is Abandoned.

As you are probably aware of, there is a lot of speculation about this upcoming title, over the fact Sony apparently agreed to provide funding for a seemingly obscure company that had previously set up a Kickstarter campaign, that quickly failed. That just seems incredibly odd to a lot of people. It's practically unheard of, in my opinion.

Of all the forums that I know still exist that I've registered on, they are all pretty much dead. Whether that's forums aimed at covering video games, or some other subject. It doesn't matter what the forum is about. Because I know I can post a thread, go back within hours or even days to that website, and it's normally the case that nobody has responded.

Even when people do reply, sometimes the post they submit is so generic or badly written, that it's just like, meh. Give them an A for effort, I suppose. ;)

About the only really active gaming forum I know of, is GameFAQs. And that is sad. I've used GameFAQs with different profiles before. But I told myself after I closed my last account there, that that was it. The users there are no good for having a civilized discussion with. If you just "speak the truth" about something, they think you're whining.

It's sad to see that forums covering video games are dead now. These days, you basically have to go on people's YouTube videos or engage on live streams to engage with your fellow fans.

Facebook and Twitter sucks as well. It often feels like you're just adding "friends" you may or may not see any more, and then having them unfriend you afterwards, one at a time, because they're either shallow or they terminated their membership. Plus, I think people use these social media sites merely as some sort of outlet to show off how cool something is they've partook in, but it's not the same as having some in real life reaction.

I don't really use YouTube any more, due to certain wankers monitoring me. It seems whenever I closed one channel and made another one a few weeks later, these sad idiots would soon discover me again and then make videos basically saying, "He's back, guys. Go bug him".

To be honest, I may stop contributing to the Horror Film Wiki now too. I've had too many visitations from a particular Kiwi screwball, using female identities, and who enjoys editing every page that I do, as if it's a game of tag. Plus, it's dead anyway. Who needs niche wikis for finding information anyway? :(

To be honest, I think they have a personality disorder. You can find them lining up at the local job center every Friday morning, their noses buried in their smartphone, while trying to be smart. AKA, get a job. Get laid. Get a life.

in this context we discuss the virtual world, I conclude that the virtual world is very different from the real world
One thing that irritates me about other forums is that I don't think some of the users are "true" Resident Evil fans. I mean, I don't think it's necessarily okay to pigeonhole fans in that way, as you can still dislike some games. They may not like that I have constantly complained about the questionable state of the series. Or I reckon they're probably casual fans that began with games like 4 or 7, so they don't even know much about the really outdated retro ones. Because surely if they did, most people will agree that the newer ones piss all over that legacy.

Sometimes, I noticed they can be inclined to take the Mickey when I post to vent, and I think about what I am saying. Or maybe I'm just overly sensitive. There are times when I wonder why I bother anymore. Must be personal bouts of sheer boredom more than anything. :)
Tommy Walls - Slightly O/T, but you'll be glad to know that I'm still a huge fan of the retro Resident Evil games, and in fact haven't really played any of the newer titles beyond Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Resident Evil Remastered, and Resident Evil Zero. I've tried Resident Evil 4 a few times but just haven't been able to get along with it, and have never actually finished it..

I don't think the new RE games really make any sense at all. It's as if Capcom has all of these ideas they've forced in, but none really feel like they will ever meet their intended purpose. Besides the story being a bunch of nonsense these years, I also think Chris Redfield is only in the recent sequels so there's at least some ties to the old RE games. If he wasn't in them or another major protagonist did not appear, I doubt the games would sell as many copies, because then they would feel like "RE in name only" titles (which they kind of are anyway, I suppose).

It hardly feels natural that Chris is involved in the storylines, though. He feels like he's just there to appeal to fanboys. You can tell it's just so people will maintain a shred of interest, because the Ethan Winters character isn't all that interesting. Chris began the franchise, so he's a character that Capcom knows will at least keep fans amused.

I did think Village was okay as another decent one off type of game, to pass a bit of time back in May. But it's hardly a classic.
Forums for me it started off as more of a joke with a certain game that I enjoyed playing
Started taking them seriously with being a staff member well tried anyway, made me a better forum user in that sense
Not sure why I use them guess share music and this need to share even then difficult to find anyone who has the same tastes

Ok going on a bit
Yes all forums are dying off and sadly no don't believe there is any cure
Think 2021 has been different and the first time the thought of ok need to wrap this up at some point because it is a dead market, just try one more yeah need to resist :LOL:

Sorry it's not more positive!
Hello! I'm new to the game and I'm just wondering if I should start my first playthrough with Frackin' Universe installed since it adds a bunch of stuff to the game, instead of coming back later and install it after beating the vanilla version, I just don't really want to spend 50+ hours and then coming back just to install the mod, just wanted to hear your recommendations.

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