Arcade Family Chromecast Games, Hangman - The Chromecast Multiplayer Game released

Hey guys,

We have launched 2 new games in the last few days.

- Arcade Family Chromecast Games

This game includes single as well as multiplayer games. You can play puzzles, board & arcade games with your family & friends.

Arcade Family Chromecast Games - Apps on Google Play

‎Arcade Family Cast Games

- Hangman - The Chromecast Multiplayer Game

This game includes small mini-games with basic operators plus, minus, multiply & divide. These games also support single & multiplayer games to play with your kids, friends & family members.

Hangman Family Chromecast Game - Apps on Google Play

We would appreciate if you give us feedback or suggestions


This is interesting, I have tried a few Chromecast games before and they weren't that great. I'll check these out.


Never tried chromecast based games. I wonder how the chrome cast games would work out.
From what I could tell before is it's basically a game that can be cast to your TV from your phone and I think you can potentially have other people join in? It's a little disorienting, to be honest.