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Apex Legends - Gameplay Walkthrough (Ultra Settings)


It's been a while that battle royale game system is in industry. And it is making money for almost every title that is out there. Apexa legends is one such game that is being out there and making money. And it has managed to reach the top review ratings in most of the sites. The gameplay and graphics is good. And it seems like the people are loving the game for some time now. Check out the walkthrough to see more.



I've heard a lot of good things about the game and it's nice to see a new game doing so well with gamers. They have done it quite well and there have some really good features in the game as well. I haven't tried it and honestly, I'm not sure I will. I just love Fortnite Battle Royale at the moment and it's been great for me since it's release so I'm not really looking to play any other BR games in addition. It would just get too confusing.


Game is good. And it is catching up a lot of heat from both sides who like or don't like it. I have seen a lot of streamers going with the AL. I think for those who want to try something new this month, this game is worth playing for.

This game is over the top for me. I have already played a lot of different games but Apex Legends is out of the competition. Great locations, amazing battles, and perfect gameplay. I have been playing it for more than 6 months.


Even though I took a pause because of Warzone launching, I agree with you guys. Apex is amazing and is still my favorite BR to this day. I played it for a whole year with small pauses in between for other games, and still at the launch of Season 4 I was as addicted to this game as I was sometime after launch last year. Even the best Warzone moments can't even top Apex's best and I feel like I'll get tired of it way before I ever get tired of Apex.

Even the lore and story is very good for a multiplayer game. Their last short about Bloodhound is awesome:


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