Anyone watched Johnny English?

Joshua Farrell

Jun 7, 2019
Did you ever see this movie? If so, did you like it?

I love anything Rowan Atkinson plays in. This one is one of my favorite spy movies of his. All of his Johnny English movies are great movies.
Yeah this is also one of my top movies, grew up watching Mr Bean so seeing him in a spy movie really got me thinking "How the.." and I'll be honest, when I watched the first one wayback when, I was skeptical but it was actually just hilarious. I recently watched them all over again (after finding the Mr Bean series on Netflix) and it was just as funny as the first time I watched it, which for me is a good movie. Now this thread has got me wanting to watch them all over again...

When does work finish? :p
I can't remember if I've watched the second one but I've definitely watched the first film. It was great to watch especially as I love Mr. Bean and have watched all the episodes of the TV show
I like it much better than the Mr. Bean character. Anyway, James Bond is definitely asking to be made fun of. Well, one attempt was with Austin Powers.
Johnny English is an awesome movie, however, I will admit that I always preferred him as his Mr Bean character. The movies he did as his Mr Bean character was always awesome and always a great laugh whenever I watched them. I think it's amazing that he can play any kind of character and still bring humour to a movie. Not many people can do that.

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