Anyone use escorts? Mature talk.


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Jun 15, 2019
Well, I message some women on a site called, which is a colossal piss take of a site, and they're normally all pretty uptight bitches, being honest. Really cold, nasty, and no doubt anti-social in general, and an open hater of us poor men. Just tried to get some general banter going on through emails on there and posting on their Twitter profiles, just to get the whores blocking me without an explanation, after being initially okay in their correspondence. And no - I'm not called "thesaunderschild" on there, but my real name. That's a reference to Alone in the Dark 2 anyway. :D

Even when I did see sex workers in the past, they had a very monotone attitude and like they didn't even like me being there. Sorry for breathing in the same air, hen. And some tart asked me to send her money, because I said "You're beautiful" in a recent tweet. After I sent £15 as a donation, she blocked me. This was 2 weeks ago. Now it's the same shit with everybody else too. Someone is nice, I reply back. Blocked! No reason giving. Looking at their feed though, they do seem rather impolite and self-centred. I got blocked by some MILF calling herself Lady Phoenix. With a title like that, I might have known better. ;)

I don't think there's such a thing as meeting "Miss Right" in 2020 even when it comes to ordinary dating, unless you end up super lucky. Every woman advertising her services on the Internet has a massive attitude problem, and probably don't like autistic people, even though I function normal enough. I've had people saying I smell though. But they're hookers. Not prison wardens. What's wrong with showing a dude some respect? :D

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