Anyone linked Nintendo Fortnite to PS4?


Apr 6, 2020
This is a question for anyone who owns both Nintendo Switch adn PS4.. and started a fortnite account on Nintendo switch which they were able to link to PS4.

My son has been using a nintendo fortnite account for the past couple of years.He recently got a PS4 and wants to connect his nintendo fortnite account to his PS4. RIght now of course there's no one available at Sony to talk to us. We've looked for instructions but can't seem to make progress. We found this article Guide: How To Link Your Fortnite Epic Account On Switch And PS4 but we are stuck on the step about creating an "epic account." We are not sure if we have an epic account, but we do have a nintendo fortnite account. But one of the steps says that in addition to our fortnite account, we need to create an epic account.. it does not say how to do it. it just says fill out the form. But when we were on that step, we didn't see the form to fill out. When i googled how to create epic account i found a page for epic account, but when i filled it out it says i already have an account. Of course i used the same email address so that's probably why.

On his PS4 my son had to play fortnite with a newly created account when we set up the PS4. no where in the set up process were we asked if we already have a fortnight account so by creating a new PS4 account, we got a new fortnite account, which my son wasn't wanting to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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