Anyone here into Frank Sinatra?


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Feb 6, 2019
Right now I'm istening to a Sinatra online radio station and this guy really rocks. He was the one crooner who really demanded from song producers the right pay and respect that should be accorded balladeers of his time. The instrumentation of his songs are really superb let alone the quality of songs he made in a span of almost 4 decades.
I can't stand his music, sorry. Well, for some reason, vocals stink in jazz music. I can't stand any vocals in jazz, by anyone - minus Western Swing.
I love Frank Sinatra! Many people often give me a look when I say that being that I am only in my 30's and many people feel it's odd that I would like a singer that was popular years before I was born. I was brought up listening to the likes of Barry Manilow and Frank Sinatra and I always remember Barry Manilow doing a Manilow Sings Sinatra album which I loved! New York, New York has always been a favourite of mine when it comes to Frank Sinatra.

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