Any Stellaris Players Here?


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Feb 10, 2023
There is a sale on an Stellaris expansion at Steam for the next 18 hours and I was wondering if we have any current or former Stellaris players here? I looked in my Steam Library and have the original game in my library, but never played it, and now I’m looking at an expansion pack for $9. :oops:

If so, to the question, is this game more like Home World, a space based Civilization, Elite Dangerous, or more like X4: Foundations? Of note, I loved X3 and Home World, but was disappointed with X4. I might go back and revisit X4. That game is unique because you can set up Captains to run trade routes for you, you can build space station and if I remember correctly fly in the cockpit for fighter space combat. I liked Elite Dangerous for a time, but got bored with the routine of fighting pirates out in the asteroid belts and was not thrilled with it’s trading mechanisms. Now I am pondering Stellaris again. :unsure:

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