Any Steam games recommendation?


It's much easier these days to buy games online and not just buy CDs in physical gaming stores, Steam has a lot of old school and somehow new games that are quite good. There are also reviews of the games which helps the gamers discern which games are worth buying. Do you have a favorite game available on Steam. Share! Educate! Recommend!


I'm on a bit of a horror game hype these days, and steam has spoiled me for choices. Outlast 1 and 2 are fantastic for that helpless, claustrophobic feel, and are fantastic indie-developed works. Resident Evil 2 is a given, of course. If you don't mind survival-coop games, I've started playing Dead by Daylight, and it's been equally fun and frustrating.


Anno 1404 (also known as Dawn of Discovery) is on sale right now, I believe, and it is one of the great masterpieces in the city building, resource management genre. Crusader Kings II is my favourite game, and Stellaris is excellent as well, of course. If you want to play something co-op with a friend on the same PC, I cannot recommend Broforce enough. It's an absolute blast. My brother and I spent an entire weekend just finishing that. They're bringing out a sequel soon as well, I believe.


For a truck driving simulator I can recommend Euro Truck Simulator 2. The game is very helpful when you want to relax or just have some fun delivering goods to different cities in Europe or in the UK. There is also a multiplayer feature which means the game will be even more enjoyable to play.

Probably 90% of the gamers know CS:GO. Competitive 5v5 shooting game with different set of ranks. I would recommend the game if you have any friends to play the game with because after the free update there are too many trollers, griefers, toxic players and what not. Although, you can meet good people and find new friends but it's rarely to happen.

Some other recommendations are GTA V, PUBG, Hearts of Iron IV, Dead by Daylight.


I remember playing the titans on Steam. it is an indie game that I'd recommend. You can play it if you are into tower defense game recommendation.
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