Any Saw series fans here?

Tommy Walls

Jun 15, 2019
Any fans here?

A ninth (!) part is due out next year, called The Organ Donor. But that could be subject to change. It will star Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

I thought the original film was brilliant the first time I saw it. I'd never seen a movie quite like it, and it's unique compared to most other horror movies. Unfortunately, the film was followed up by a lot of entries. The sequels got increasingly weird, but they were still entertaining enough to merit more. It's honestly amazing how some of the traps were set up. I felt you needed an army of people to rig all of that stuff.

The one in 2010 was supposed to be the last one (although I knew it wouldn't be, because that rule was bent by franchises already) and it was pretty unspectacular, to be honest.

Wonder what's in store next. On IMDb, I see that Tobin Bell ain't involved anymore. This is meant to be a sequel. Another reboot, I think, like the part sequel, mostly prequel Jigsaw from 2017, that referenced John Kramer's work and legacy, but also kind of semi-moved on from it as well.