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Any of you have any stories about being banned from a forum for stupid reasons?

Yeah. I have been banned from some shitty forums. I may actually give up on these accounts, and get a new, anonymous identity, so this one nutter I know cannot find me online that easily...

Some crazy Australian motherfucker who calls himself "Gimpy" and all that, spammed up Love Forum. He has the name Rub on here, and years ago, he ran a crappy Capcom forum...

The owner banned us BOTH, because he kept SPAMMING and DEMANDING that I get banned. He just did it to be an arsehole. He still stalks me too, but the police are going to visit him soon, as I recently spoke to them...
Maybe I deserved it, I don't know anymore. I'll probably get banned here at some point for saying something stupid, I guess we'll see. I hope that doesn't happen. Basically I was recently banned from neogaf and resetera. They both banned me for the same type of thread, but for different reasons. I was pouring my heart out about how it's very upsetting and frustrating to be a centrist in a world so polarized by current politics. I don't support Trump, but I don't support the authoritarian attitude of sites like era. Feeling like I don't belong, and isolated.

Resetera banned me for wrong think, when my thread pointed out how much it hurts me on a mental level that this idea of wrong think is damaging to my psyche. The ban reason claimed the usual BS of transphobia, even though I said nothing transphobic, orientalism (wtf, I was talking about how I loved Japan), and how I was previously banned for trivializing sexualized minors, when all I probably did was compliment some anime character for being hot.

Neogaf's ban probably hurts the most because based on their reason, all I can assume is that they banned me for being depressed. Here I am talking about how isolated and lonely I feel, and how the site made me feel like I had some social circle, but that the Trump support was disheartening. I wasn't even trying to make a thread talking about my depression, just how isolated I felt in a number of areas in my life. Then Evilore comes in to say "get help in real life", locks the thread, and bans me. The only reason for the ban, making me feel more isolated. It's okay to come in and mock people there with the most childish remarks, but you pour your heart out someplace, and it's a bannable offense. I agree with the sentiment that I needed help, I probably do need help, but I felt like the point I was trying to make was getting lost on everyone, that the political climate can be just as harmful to a person's mental state and people need to compromise more, but they just didn't care.

I legit was crying for hours, and had to call the crisis hotline, and even the person I spoke with did not understand the mentality of these sites.
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Some forums on the Internet are absolutely mental anyway. Maybe being banned isn't such a big deal if that's how the users behave, but if it's about a topic that isn't heavily featured elsewhere, I can see why being outed would be annoying. All you can do is put across your case and hope they listen, Kyary.

I could not join ResetEra. They want people to sign up with an ISP or domain based email address. I don't have a website, nor do I have the foggiest idea how to create one. They seem like they're quite elite on there, but I am glad they are still publicly showing off their threads where Dusk Golem posts his updates.

I'd been on NeoGAF though about a year ago, which I think is run by the same people. Or at least it's an off-shoot site of sorts. They banned me just for telling people off who attacked me in my threads. I'm well known in the Resident Evil community as somebody that just says it as it is, and that's inclined to bother some people. They were accusing me of taken the plot too seriously in the newer games. They just enjoy giving me the old, "It's only a game" sentiment. But oh well. It's not a popularity contest. I've always believed you should stay true to yourself, as opposed to just being a sheep. :D

I was also on the forum for Silent Hill Heaven. I got banned last year, for pretty much the same reason. Some guy was starting trouble. So when I reacted to this one guy who baited me, I got banned, while he got a promotion. They also put my posts on invisible mode, so all those years I spent there posting amounted to a big fat zero. However, I still post on Silent Hill Community. It's just so inactive, since Konami has gave us nothing to discuss anymore. Most days, I'll sign in, and see nobody has replied. There's two sections on there that guests cannot see, but just about every forum I go on is dead these days. Part of you feels like you have to at least make an effort to contribute to liven them up, but then there's that other side of you that knows you're not likely to get a response any time soon.

And then there's the issue with trolls harassing you, just for the hell of it...

I'm being stalked by this guy called James, who uses shitty, kindergarten aliases like "Gimpy" and all that. He's also on this Horror Film Wiki at Fandom, acting like a total screwball. He signs in each day now, and kids on he's a woman. He changes his country and profession on his profile every day and edits every article that I do. He'll close accounts, just to register more. In fact, I closed some accounts over a year ago myself. You can still view the contributions I made, and he has edited ALL of the pages that I did. Well, that and I see him regularly spamming on various forums, obsessively following what low budget films I'm in, and whatnot. This is the definition of somebody that doesn't have a life. There was one forum this moron completely wrecked called Love Forum, which the admin pretty much abandoned. He made posts every week over the last 2 or so years, posting pictures of people defecating in other people's mouths, and well, that's just an example of what this pathetic, fully grown man does online.

He actually has an active account on here. It's Rub. Aries knows about him anyway, as I reported him. That's why he never posts. He just stalks my posts like a coward to see what I'm adding, because again, the man has no life away from his computer.

If you think that's bad, have a look at what he uploads on this YouTube channel. He actually uploads videos where he wears gloves, and shows off his coffee pot, fruit, and kitchen utensils. He even posted a recent video of himself in a stairwell, stomping on a can of Pepsi, because my family's dog was called Pepsi. He noticed me talking about how the dog died last year, so he tried to spam on a forum under the name of "Pepsi", and a moderator banned him. Plus, I'm about 99.9% sure this "man" likely has an ASBO in real life that disallows him from even going online. And I wouldn't put it past him if he was straight shit bipolar in person. He's certainly a tool in all the online environments I've seen him in. 🥴

At first, I thought he was a Kiwi because he leaked some IP address from Spark, which is a New Zealand company, but he's definitely an Aussie from Perth, or whatever. I wouldn't be surprised if he's related to, or at least knows that demented asshole who killed all of those innocent people in Christchurch last year. It wouldn't at all surprise me if these two were somehow related.

Anyway, look at this...

If you wanted to know, the G.S. on the envelope in this first video stands for Grace Saunders. If you wondered, Grace Saunders is a character in the Alone in the Dark series, which is why I'm called "thesaunderschild" online. He knows me from an old site named Capcom Central from like, 2004. Two-thousand-and-four-people. It's so unbelievably sad how a FULLY GROWN MAN is cyber pestering another man, who wants NOTHING to do with him, and who literally resides thousands of miles away from him in the United Kingdom. His user ID on that site was "Nemesis556". Unfortunately, the police are useless, so do expect him to continue his nonsense.

I don't get mad at him anymore. I just hope he gets the help he needs. People like this tosser will never amount to anything in their lifetime. He's just jealous that I've had more film roles than he could ever hope to achieve. That's because nobody wants a psychotic Aussie lingering on their film sets. This creep probably cannot act for shit, I'm sure. If people knew what he was like, do you reckon they'd want his presence known?



Seek help, Gimpy. Don't wait! :rolleyes:


Paradox of Nothingness
I've never been banned from a forum before, but I've heard horror stories about people getting banned because admins disagreed with them or because they brought up a topic that was forbidden.
While I've never posted in it, ResetERA comes to mind. Apparently, posting there is like walking across a field of landmines. If you so much as say something that the admins dislike, you're slapped with a ban. I've seen it happen many times while lurking.
Maybe it's a case of those people not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them. Although I seriously doubt that gaming companies inspect individual forums like that for people's opinions. They may be of the belief that this does happen, so they oppose members saying anything contrary to what they prefer them to say. Either you kiss up or they feel like you shouldn't be there.

Usually, companies ask for feedback via polls. Kicking someone off a forum over their viewpoints is rather one-sided. I've always believed that you should just like what you like, but not get confrontational if someone disagrees. It's when the unnecessary flaming starts, that's when you know it's a waste of your time.

YouTube is certainly worse than forums, because Google monetizes channels. They're likely to plug something for free copies and more subscribers, which is not true to your general personal thoughts. It feels false when people act like that because they are concerned it hurts their growth.


I was banned from a now dead forum called Comic Bloc (Geoff Johns's old official site when he was still just a writer) for being "immature". I barely posted and never argued. I figured they accidentally banned the wrong person, but I didn't bother contacting the mods. The forum died quickly thereafter anyway, with all of the comic creators leaving for other social media, and all of the mods having bizarre online breakdowns before leaving. The forums are no longer online last I checked.

I was banned for a brief period from either NeoGAF or ResetEra, can't recall which, for joking that I'd punch an unruly cat from some video. I have a feeling many people who gravitate towards wanting to be mods on those larger forums are so severely socially awkward they can't even process simple jokes online. That was my take away anyways. I wasn't even mad, or even annoyed, I just shook my head in embarrassment for them and went about my business until the ban was over.
Well, FaceHugger. Maybe they just aren't fans of Die Hard. You must have said, "It's a Christmas movie" and they were like, "Nah". LOL. ;)

Yeah. There's been a long debate about that. :D

I might be retiring from forums after Tokyo Game Show, as, well... I'm kind of bored of them anyway. My mother advised me to, because she thinks I'm not good at keeping personal information to myself, so this nutter I know picks up on it all of the time,

That Australian idiot Rub is still logging in here, spying on me. He's on this horror Fandom too, stalking my edits, and using the name of somebody else from a forum he was constantly registering accounts on, pretending to be a woman. Unfortunately, they turned off private messages on the forum he was spamming on, so there's no way I can notify the lady who he's posing as.

I decided to close up shop there because the one admin still on there is a lazy cunt, but if anybody wants to keep tabs on the upcoming films at the box office and update the pages for me, here they are.

I could get new accounts on different forums. But as it is the now, I have to take precautionary measures to cancel this dickhead out of my life. :)
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Paradox of Nothingness
I was banned for a brief period from either NeoGAF or ResetEra, can't recall which, for joking that I'd punch an unruly cat from some video. I have a feeling many people who gravitate towards wanting to be mods on those larger forums are so severely socially awkward they can't even process simple jokes online. That was my take away anyways. I wasn't even mad, or even annoyed, I just shook my head in embarrassment for them and went about my business until the ban was over.

That kind of fits the bill from what I know about ResetEra (not Neogaf). I've seen one-week bans handed down for advocating violence, and three-week bans for ignoring moderators' instructions. I've also seen people permanently banned for "dismissing the subject", when the posts are really: "Why do we have another thread about this?", because the moderators on there can't seem to get that ResetEra doesn't need one hundred threads about how the media is bad, right-wing views are bad, [insert thing here] is racist/sexist/misogynistic/bigoted etc. and anyone who opposes them is an evil scum.

By the way, you can also get banned for "videogame trolling." In other words, if a thread is opened about a video game claiming that it's too sexist/racist/sexualizes women and you point out that you want to buy the game, instant two-week ban.
The mods are so trigger-happy that they won't let you express an opinion.
I don't like to 'bump' threads that I was the last poster in. So depending on how outdated the topic is on a forum, it should be okay to start a new thread, as long as the prior thread has noticeably dissolved. However, I think it should be fine to double post as long as the posts have some effort to them. Not two word posts. Something descriptive and relevant to the overall topic. But sometimes people stop replying because the forums are just way too inactive. I've noticed that with most forums these days. 💻

Before social media like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook came along, forums and chatrooms were all you had, but forums were clearly better for specific subjects than talking to someone in real time. In 2003 for example, you could get up to 60 users logged in at once. Not so much the case nowadays.

Do I still like forums? Yeah. I guess I do. But they just aren't what they used to be.

It's not easy to get people to join forums anymore. This is probably because Facebook has everything in one place. There's groups on there, and your real family and acquaintances are usually on it as well. So this is why message boards in the last 10 years, have had little attraction. 🥴

The really busy ones like GameFAQs are not worth your time. The few times I did post on there, the amount of bad grammar and nonsense replies I had to put up with was becoming so nippy. It's also poorly moderated in general, so I closed my account. Yeah, not many forums allow you to even do that. 🌝
Sadly, Michael Does Life had to remove a lot of his live streams from his channel, after he got a one week ban. Some radge pot thought it would be funny to false flag his broadcast regarding Apple. But regardless, there's a back up plan in store. We will be live streaming today on another channel.

As always, psycho Aussies with no life aren't welcome on anything I post on YouTube. Not that I think that "Gimpy" moron even watches his streams anyway. I'm a moderator, so the ban button is there for a reason. 🤳
I hate Works with a hate-boner to the Catholic Church. Like no the church didn’t burn women for being witchs it was official church doctrine hat “Witch’s” didn’t exist and anyone that seemed to have magic was just the devil casting illusions.

and also they didn’t invent misogyny, Ancient Rome, and other civilizations were not feminist paradises,

their are genuine criticism of the church but that doesn’t mean you make up bald face lies about it.

That post really got me banned.
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