Animal Crossing: New Horizons taken down in China due to offensive user generated content on Chinese leaders


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Dec 11, 2018
THIS IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY for Animal Crossing Fans in China:
All AC merchandise listings (console, case, games) are demanded to be taken down.
The reason was suspected to be User Generated Content Offensive to Chinese leaders.

Animal Crossing does not have an official release in China, but fans could still buy an imported version of the game from overseas.

Today, listings of the game were removed from Taobao (It's like ebay) and fans can no longer purchase the game from the site.

Thread below>

Cartridges of #AnimalCrossing are no longer purchasable on China’s ecommerce platforms. AC is huge in China but Nintendo’s Chinese partner Tencent can’t sell it yet bc the govt hasn’t approved it. People were buying AC from scalpers online. Now selling AC online seems illegal.

:ROFLMAO: "Offensive user generated content." Turns out the Great Firewall of China isn't enough to get rid of it. And I am just laughing at the way they scream "STATE OF EMERGENCY!" as if it's important.

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