Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Bunny Day, The Stalk Market, The Island Designer guide


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Dec 11, 2018
Bunny Day: April 1-12

Once a year, the yellow bunny Zipper will visit your island and set you tasks to discover hidden eggs. Hidden deep in the ground and far I the ocean you’ll have to dig and fish to find the pesky eggs hidden from your sight. Turning these eggs in to Zipper, will result in gifts such as egg themed props and furniture. This year Bunny Day takes place on Wednesday April 1st and ends on Sunday April 12th. This gives you a whole 12 days to go completely egg crazy.

The Stalk Market

Every Sunday a little boar called Daisy Mae will visit your island, she only appears in the AM so make sure you talk to her before 12PM local time. She will be selling turnips for a random price (usually between 90 and 110 bells). What’s special about Turnips is they can be sold for varying prices at Nook’s Cranny on your or other people’s islands. Timmy and Tommy will give you the price of the Turnips twice a day when asked except on Sunday, they will give these prices in the AM and PM. It’s best you share your prices twice daily with other Freak members. Join fellow members island who have high sell prices with your turnips to make a hefty profit! Play the Stalk Market carefully and you’ll be swimming in bells in no time at all.

The Island Designer

After a certain point in the progression steps in New Horizons, you’ll unlock a new app on the NookPhone called Island Designer. This will initially grant you the ability to lay paths on your island. Once you receive the Island Designer app, additional unlocks will be available to purchase with Nook Miles in the Nook Shop. These unlocks include the ability to terraform your island from creating and altering rivers and waterfalls as well as building up to breaking down cliffs to create height variations across your island. Furthermore, you’ll have access to a number of path permits to create paths in different styles, colours and even with custom designs. The Island Designer app will take the design process of your island to the next level!

Remember to visit your friends and fellow Freak members islands with Dodo Airlines: the crew may be flightless…but that doesn’t mean YOU have to be! You can visit others online who you’ve added as friends or via a DoDo Code™.

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