An old game you want to play again


Feb 1, 2019
There several old but gold games that one can not forget.
For me I would like to play T.M.N.T. on play station 2, Crash on play station 1 and Dragon ball Z bodokai tenkatchi 3
I want to play again the game boy. I am not sure if I can play it well now. I can't really forget this game because this is the gane that we use to be palyed in our free time with my brother in our childhood time. The time that our only problem is when our mom allow us to game boy because mom always has agrrement and policy in the house before we can play.
I had a few game I played when I was young. Android where non-existent then, and Space Compact is still on the run. It's sometime nostalgic to remember how happy I was playing it using a keypad phone and how fast I try to pressed each button just to get away from the opponent. Now, Android is submerge with a lot of mobile games not all I can even remember.
There are a lot of old games I would want to play. This includes Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, the older spyro games and the Lost World for the Playstation.
An old game I want to play again is pokemon using Gameboy because it is fun and lots of adventures or tasks to do. I like seeing my pokemon evolved and battling gym masters then obtaining their badge from them. Though it consumes a lot of time, it is challenging.
It's been a while since I played the first version of "Resident Evil" for PayStation.

I was just crazy for the game (more than you can probably imagine). I played it every single day and I didn't rest until I could complete it on my own (without the help of anyone... because it was a matter of honor, haha!).
I was really addicted to the brick game before. It was some sort of device kind of like a bulky phone and had only graphics made up of bricks. I could play for.hours and hours, which ruined my eyes. I didn't regret it though, it was loads of fun.
Mario Kart for me which I played hours on end every day for the rest of my elementary years. I somehow considered it one of the best games out there during its era.
I want to play dance revolution. I am enjoying to it's maximum level either phone or machine. I find it entertaining and exciting. It's keeping me alive. I love listening to the music and following every inch of instruction. I remember winning it over my friends and some of them are like pissed of with me. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) I would love to play the Super Mario Bros. the old classic one. It's a fun and memorable game.
I would love to play Crash Bash and Crash Bandicoot games on PS1 and Tekken on PS2. These games will never be boring to me. They always remind me of my childhood.
Donkey Kong and Street Fighter! They're my favorite games back when I was younger. Has anyone here played Street Fighter?
I loved playing street fighter. I remember when I used to play it on SEGA, it was great childhood. I also played Street Fighter IV on PC 2-3 years ago. I have finished the story mode once, and after that I didn't play it anymore. But Street Fighter games are the best!
I would love to play Crash Bandicoot Racing or Grand Theft Auto Vice City again. I know that the games are available to play right now but the problem for me is that it's just not same experience as when we played it when we were younger. The nostalgia is just not there for me because we have become used to high end graphics so playing games like GTA Vice City will just be a bit weird.
I think for me the old games that I want to play was the old version of the Mortal Kombat arcade games in some play station before because it was really packed with actions and excitement. I was a kid during that time when such games was been introduced and been doing good in the market, there was no days that I am not playing that game and it really feels good to play it once again since it brings back my childhood memories.
I would really like to play GOd of wars again it was my first experience with gaming, and I didn't get to enjoy it that much at the time, there is also Super Mario I saw many people playing it and finishing it in just one hour so I would llike to do that to, and probebly Mfia 1 two it's a really nice game with one of the best story lines I've ever played it may be an old game but it was really well made.
This is a great question! I really miss the simplicity of old school games on NES. I know Bubble Bobble would probably be considered ridiculous and repetitive now, but I miss being able to play it on the old system with the controllers. The one I really miss though is the puzzle game called Lolo. I could probably still play it for hours. It was super cute and weird and the puzzles were at just the right level of difficulty. I also miss playing Soul Caliber with my friends in college after all the parties were over. I'm guessing like everyone else I am making choices based on nostalgia mostly though.
I have a whole bunch of them: the first kingdom hearts, the first 2 (3 really :p ) persona games pretty much every jrpg i couldn't find when i was younger or could find but could not afford to import it and a ps1 from Japan and then learn Japanese

But that's why god made emulators and community translation packs :p
For me there is not one, there are many:
  1. Resident Evil 1
  2. Need for speed 3
  3. Age of Mythology
  4. Metal Slug
If I could get my hands on a download, I’d play it again.
There was once a moment of my young life where I was really addicted to Need for Speed and Game of the Generals. Now that there are other hundreds or even thousand games you could chose from once in a while I still open these two games. They were my go to games when I was in high school and I remember all of my classmates were so into it as well that we would hold classroom tournaments. It was fun!
I miss playing the old Fatal Frame series. Even if it did give me a lot of nightmares back when I was young, it'll definitely still be an experience when I do play it again this time around. Another game I'd like to play would be the original Silent Hill, and Silent Hill 2. Few games ever got as eerie as these games, and they deserved their reputation as forerunners in the horror genre of gaming.

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