News AMD Ryzen 5000 APU “Cezanne” die render leaked


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Dec 11, 2018

We have received a picture of an upcoming Cezanne APU from AMD. The company is expected to unveil its 5000 series processors based on this design next week. Sadly, no further information was provided by the source.
AMD Cezanne APU has the same number of compute cores and graphics cores as Renoir APU. The APU offers 8 cores and 16 threads and up to 8 graphics cores. There also appears to be no change to the number of PCIe lanes, the full chip should support 20 lanes. The mobile Renoir silicon (Ryzen 4000U/H) was limited to 8 lanes dedicated to the discrete GPU, compared to 16 lanes available on the desktop variant (Ryzen 4000G). It is unclear if Cezanne has more lanes available on the mobile chip. It has only been rumored that Cezanne's successor codenamed Rembrandt will feature PCIe Gen4 support, it is currently unclear if Cezanne supports this standard.
A quick side by side comparison reveals that Cezanne might be ~10% bigger than Renoir. We estimate the size at 175 mm², which is roughly 20 mm² more than Renoir (156 mm²). The size increase comes from a slightly bigger Zen3 core design and a larger L3 cache. The new architecture has 16MB of L3 cache compared to 8MB on Renoir.
AMD will announce its Ryzen 5000 series on January 11th. The processors based on this APU will debut in both low-power and high-end gaming laptops. The APU may also launch for desktop series, as the latest leak with Ryzen 7 5700G APU seems to suggest.


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