Amazon Prime Day gaming deals 2020: Save money here


It’s that time of the year again where Amazon Prime Day will save you some money over 13 and 14 October. We’ll do our best to list some of the best gaming Amazon Prime Day deals here.

Those with an Amazon Prime subscription will be able to take advantage of the deals below. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. The subscription is regularly priced at £79 GBP/year or £7.99 GBP/month, you can cancel later on if you don’t want that expense moving forward.

We’ll try to keep up with sales as they happen, but just in case: the Video Games category of the Amazon Prime Day sales hub can be found here.

PS4 deals​

Xbox One deals​

Nintendo Switch deals​

PC deals​




Not to be a pain in the butt here, then again everyone is different that end of the day when it comes to games I rather buy and get games from steam or even Epic store.

Items that I do want are not on sale that's what I do not like about it LOL


Nothing for me either. These Prime Day sales keep getting worse every year. It seems to be a promotion for their Amazon products nowadays

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