All about Crossfit Supplements: The Best Functional Training!

Crossfit is a sports modality within fitness that has become a reference in recent years. It combines endurance, physical strength, flexibility, power and balance, all in one . It is also known as functional training and its fame goes further, as the growth in boxes and centers of this modality as in users who practice it increases. Herewith I had explained you about the article of crossfit, Lets check it.


The good results of this sport modality helped the sports brand Reebok fix its eyes on crossfit supplements and officially sponsor this sport, which further expanded its fame.

The crossfit is a training and fitness system that is based on performing functional exercises constantly varied and executed in high intensity.

This modality incorporates exercises from different sports disciplines : gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, calisthenics, etc. In all these crossfit supplements exercises techniques and movements associated with daily life are selected, to combine them in different ways in an intense training.

Crossfit seeks to improve cardiovascular endurance, energy resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy , which is why it is considered a type of functional training.

As a new discipline, not all fitness enthusiasts know the terms associated with crossfit. There are some exercises designed exclusively for this modality, such as wods.

The WODs are made by crossfit supplements workouts every day. In this modality, unlike in traditional gyms, common routines are not used, but different wods are used that combine exercises, series, repetitions and modalities to make the training more complete and more functional.

The crossfit has its own terminology, to the word wod we must add the boxes, which are the centers or gyms where this modality is practiced.

Training Structure
Although crossfit supplements there are several training modalities within crossfit, as a general rule there is a structure that is repeated whenever functional training is practiced, and the dynamics are as follows:

- Warm up session; to get ready for physical activity

- Skill Executions

- Strength exercises

- Wod