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Nov 5, 2019
Well, I wouldn't do this for any old game, especially not mobile. But AGE OF WORLD WARS is one of those very rare gems that has really good gameplay, free, and no adverts!
I had been rooting around for a half decent turn strategy based on ww2 that i disnt have to come back daily for and this is the one guys.
Dont let the graphics put you off, theyre actually very charming, and make gameplay less messy when it comes to going head to toe with the enemy.
This is one of those games you can tell is not made for money, but for joy, and its updated A LOT. Loads of new units and vehicles and bases and all sorts gets added to the different factions in the game (love the addition of the new BRITISH faction btw)
Theres fighter planes, bomber planes, submerines, small attack ships and big ones. Those cars that can drive in water and transport vehicles. And dont even get me started on all tge different tanks and human units, like flamethrowers, engineers, smg units, AT units.
I like to sometimes build a wall and try maintain it, so that i can't be flanked whilst trying to flank the enemies. Keeping them at bay until i have an army of tanks. Then knock down the wall and let the tanks unleash hell. How many strategy games can you do that in?
There are plenty of maps you can play in a campaign or in a skirmish, and im a big skirmish player. Luckily for me i get to fine tune my skirmish gameplay, choosing how many enemies there are, what factions, how many bases we start with and so on so forth.
From what i can tell, the people who made this game are very much in tune with the community that plays it, and that is just as important as the gameplay itself.
There is also a map maker, which i need to try out for myself, so if you do either run out of maps or feel like making up your own scenario, its right there.
And what makes this better is there are medievil and fantasy versions of this game, which are a lot more developed so my guess is they have been out a lot longer.
Seriously, give this one a go because as i said, its a rare gem to find a FREE game with no ads and good gameplay
Theres multipler, theres tons of units, i mean loads. There progression systems to keep you active, theres plenty of things to do with no microtransactions needed.
All i wish for, is slightly better sound design, and prehaps some type of survival mode. I just think its the type of game which would be really cool with survival mode. If you can figure it out, maybe even put a zombie mode in there? But that is a pretty demanding request. But honestly, great game guys
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